Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops sells delicious and refreshing ice pops. Hand crafted in Jacksonville, FL, our ingredients are carefully picked during peak harvest season. We make our pops in small batches with all natural ingredients,


Farm Fresh and Boldly Flavored Ice Pops Since 2014


Anything handmade:  pies, popsicles or purses, deserves a careful look. I grew up in a family of makers. They farm, fish and hunt. They can food and cook with care. Our blankets were handmade quilts that told stories with scraps from old dresses and coats. My dad remodeled his house. My grandfather repaired everything. My grandmother's fingers hemmed and stitched practical and artistic pieces. We make things before we buy new. 

Meeting Sally was like meeting a family member. The first time we had coffee she told me stories of how she buys vintage fabric to use in her work. She comes from a long line of makers too. Her creations are one of a kind. 

Sally recently sold her camper to make way for the evolution of her dream. Yesterday she hosted a going away party for the camper. Great things are on the horizon.