Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops sells delicious and refreshing ice pops. Hand crafted in Jacksonville, FL, our ingredients are carefully picked during peak harvest season. We make our pops in small batches with all natural ingredients,


Farm Fresh and Boldly Flavored Ice Pops Since 2014

How to Eat an Orange

In January we pick oranges. There are ladders and baskets. We reach tall for the high ones. The kids pick from the low branches. "Careful," we tell them, "cut as close to the base as possible." I cringe as the youngest reaches for the clippers. They are learning what it is to harvest. They are learning what "Fresh from Florida" really means. 

This year, the tangerine near the back fence is my favorite. Its mix of sweet and sour is perfect. I keep dissapearing to sample one more. Tomorrow we juice, but today we taste.