Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops sells delicious and refreshing ice pops. Hand crafted in Jacksonville, FL, our ingredients are carefully picked during peak harvest season. We make our pops in small batches with all natural ingredients,


Farm Fresh and Boldly Flavored Ice Pops Since 2014


A ripe heirloom orange clipped and segmented for a snack. A royal singular feast for your nose and palate commences. An organic blueberry gobbled straight  from the bush. Tastes like sunshine on your tongue.
Bold City Pops enjoys serving seasonal delights. Producing our frozen ice pops at their peak extends the deliciousness of each season a little longer than harvest time.

When my paternal grandmother died in 1992, I took my newborn child to the funeral wrapped in a blanket my grandmother had crocheted. She had welcomed this first baby the month before over the Thanksgiving holiday. We didn't anticipate Grandmother Stringfellow's death and it came as quite a surprise to everyone.

After she died, her seasonal practice of canning and freezing fresh produce yielded surprises for us. Every mason jar I opened to make spaghetti sauce or spread jam on toast tasted like love. Every freezer bag of field peas or blueberries reminded me that she was still very much with us. Each one of these meals helped a little to salve the grief and remember a life that was well lived.

Sometimes I stash away the last of the seasonal pops to pull out when we are still months away from harvest. It reminds me of my grandmother and the way she always had fresh food to share. As the holidays approach, I'm looking for opportunities both inside my front door and outside to live life well. We have much to share and for which to be thankful.