Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops sells delicious and refreshing ice pops. Hand crafted in Jacksonville, FL, our ingredients are carefully picked during peak harvest season. We make our pops in small batches with all natural ingredients,


Farm Fresh and Boldly Flavored Ice Pops Since 2014


Left to Right: Suzanah Raffield, Rhonda Ryan                                         Photo:  Jordan Brantley

"I love things that are handmade and have a story. We know the woman who grows our mint and the keeper of the orange grove where we pick our citrus. Our ice pops are full of character, history, flavor and fruit. I'm here to orchestrate their delivery to you." Suzanah

"Creating the best flavor possible is important to me. We shop local and seasonal for a reason. Supporting area farmers and respecting the limits of nature matter. When we say our popsicles are fresh, we mean it. Our hands are the hands chopping, and sometimes picking, the fruit." Rhonda